General Ophthalmology

Routine comprehensive ophthalmologic examinations are very important, not only to provide the best vision correction, but above all for the purpose of maintaining good eye health.
While some diseases have ocular symptoms (redness, pain, blurred vision, etc.), some major diseases that can threaten sight have no symptoms. Example of such disease is glaucoma, which is often only diagnosed at a routine ophthalmological examination. Some diseases that can be diagnostic or have a suspicion of its presence in a routine examination are: cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, age-related macular degeneration, dry eye, allergies, etc..
The Centro Oftalmológico Paletta Guedes offers its patients routine eye exams, which include:

  • Visual acuity with and without correction;
  • Automated Refraction;
  • Color Vision Test;
  • Ocular Motility Tests;
  • Anterior and Posterior Segment Biomicroscopy (the Slit Lamp Examination);
  • Tonometry (measurement of intraocular pressure by various methods);
  • Fundoscopy (examination of the retina, macula, retinal vessels and optic nerve).

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